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Cleaned up Li’l Man

Originally published at breadcrumbss. Please leave any comments there.

J’s cousin’s wedding was coming up (likely the last in the family for a long while) and we had nothing to put C in. Went to the shops and although we did see the cutest formal ensemble (long-sleeved white shirt, dress pants, vest and bow tie), we thought it wasn’t very good value since he probably could only wear it once or twice. So, after looking around on Pinterest and some craft blogs, I decided to fashion something on my own.


C and E 071212Li’l Man and I 

This outfit of a tie and vest took two nights to put together – from scraps of cloth I had and an old, stained onesie (stains covered up) – no thanks to my inability to use the sewing machine well and confidently enough. I only had one try, amid a very busy week at work, so I couldn’t get it wrong. Hence, I sewed the appliques on by hand. Gah!

C's vest Dec 061212

Good ol’ fashioned way! 

It was funny because besides the rush job and the rushing about on Friday evening (end-week traffic jam plus big deadline at work) – why do people do this to their guests?!! – I had nothing to wear! My baby did, but I did not. Thankfully, I found my memory at work and recalled I had a dress I hadn’t worn before stashed at the back of my closet.

*ahem* I had shoes cos I, erm, shopped the Ferragamo sale just a few days before!

Sadly, C probably can’t wear the same outfit – paired with black trousers – to another wedding we are attending very soon. All my fault – absent-mindedly, I threw the onesie in the wash with my dress and now, his white “shirt” is pink :(

I don’t mind a boy in a pink shirt, if it’s not too loud, but specifically, it has splotches of pink :(

Oh well… time to look around for Plan B.