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Originally published at breadcrumbss. Please leave any comments there.

So, I have decided that my word this year will be FEARLESS.

I’m tired of being afraid, tired of the what-ifs, pissed off with detractors and deep down, I miss the girl I used to be.

On the final day of 2012, I put on my Facebook page that instead of my usual fashion of making no resolutions, and simply letting the day transition into the next – truth be told, if I’m not at the Chan’s till midnight, I’m usually in bed before the clock strikes 12 – I had decided to make some. Specifically, I wanted to make 30.

(In true Gemini form, I’m the sort who will do absolutely zilch if I’m not inclined, but when I make up my mind to do something, I can get kinda obsessed. You’re like, “You don’t say?!”, I’m sure.)


She believed she could
Credit: mbartstudios

In any case, completing the 30 tasks – it’s kind of like a to-do list as I am formulating quite specific statements, e.g. use sunscreen every day, instead of airy-fairy wishes and dreams (age-wise,it’s a bit too late for those now) – is a given. Very simply, and with no drama, they will get done. “She believed she could so she did.”

Now, how well I do – the quality of each completed task – is another thing. Then again, I can be obsessive, remember? ;)

(I’ll share my list of 30 for 2013 soon.)